A Great Hobby For Back Pain Sufferers!

Back in the “old days” the only person you’d find deep in the throes of knitting would be your lovely Grandma. But times are changing and this crafty little hobby has made a massive comeback!

So how can perfecting the “in, around, through and out” technique ease your back pain?

The repetition of knitting can form a meditation that creates a relaxation response, which in turn can help to ease those tense and tight back muscles. Similarly, the skills practiced during knitting help to focus and distract the brain away from pain.

But there are physical benefits to knitting too! The gentle motion of the fingers during knitting helps to build up cartilage instead of wearing it down, like more strenuous activities can do.

But remember, if you do start knitting; watch your posture, keep hydrated and take regular breaks from sitting down.

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