Avoid Back Pain at the Cinema.

Fluffy popcorn, soothing drinks and a gripping story aboard a giant screen – there’s just something enchanting about going to the cinema. But if you have back pain, a trip to the flicks can be more uncomfortable than listening to someone rustling with a sweet packet for the duration of the film. (There’s always one!)

Luckily, our Stoke on Trent chiropractor has some really effective tips for all of you film lovers who suffer with back pain…

Sit in an aisle seat

This will give you enough room to stretch your legs out straight which will help relieve pressure on the ligaments in your back. When your legs are not extended, try to keep them bent at a 90-degree angle with your feet flat on the floor. Wearing flat shoes will enable you to get into this position more easily.

Use the armrests

Resting your arms will help to reduce the strain on your upper back and shoulders and help to prevent you from slouching.

Mind your posture

It’s easy to let your body flop down as you become engrossed in a film, but slouching will put pressure on the joints, muscles and discs of your back.  If you hunch or slouch during a film, you could end up awkwardly paying the price by the time the credits start rolling.

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