Back Health: Fact or fiction?

You’ve probably heard many myths about back pain, but do you know your facts from your fiction? Here our chiropractor in Stoke on Trent puts your curiosities to rest:

Myth # 1: I’m healthy, so back pain won’t happen to me!

Fact: Most people will experience some form of back problems at some point during their lives.

Myth # 2: The more damage to your back, the more severe the pain will be

Fact: The severity of chronic back pain does not typically relate to the amount of damage. Acute pain, however does relate to the severity of the damage. (If you break a bone, you will immediately feel a great deal of pain).

 Myth #3: People who exercise will never develop back pain

Fact: People who are physically fit and take part in regular exercise are at less risk of back pain than those who lead more sedentary lifestyles. Back pain, however, can affect anyone at anytime. The back should always be a priority in conditioning exercises as it plays such an important role in strength and flexibility.

So now you know…

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