Back Pain and Loneliness

Young Woman With ProblemsFor some of the patients we treat at our Stoke on Trent clinic, physical pain is only part of the problem they’re experiencing. Our experienced Stoke on Trent chiropractor reveals that loneliness is often a major feature of chronic pain; and sometimes even affects the patient more severely that their physical conditions. Pain that goes on for months or even years can be extremely isolating. Quite often, the sufferer becomes more and more closed off from the world around them. Even some of our patients who have a big social network still find themselves becoming more introverted than usual.

Our Stoke on Trent chiropractor warns that chronic pain can cause us to look inwards, instead of reaching out for help – almost in a form of self-protection. When we know something is physically wrong with us, and feel that the outside world does not understand, there is a subconscious tendency to create a distance from the outside world.

Chronic pain can make it difficult to feel connected – even to those closest to us. Our leading chiropractor in Stoke on Trent explains that while those we love try their best to empathise, no one can actually see our pain. To the outside world it is invisible. Then, of course, there are the restricting symptoms that can have an impact on friendships and relationships. Those of us who suffer from long-term pain may not be able to see our friends and family as often as we used to; we may not be able to work or take part in certain activities with our children. That in itself forms a physical loneliness that is often difficult to suppress.

From being isolated in the experience of chronic pain to feeling removed from the enjoyment of life because of physical restrictions, the nature of long-term pain can quickly develop into loneliness.But there are effective ways that you can manage your back pain and the psychological and the emotional impacts involved. Our renowned team of chiropractors can help to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain over a wide spectrum of conditions. You are not alone and you shouldn’t have to suffer in silence.

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