Back Pain Diagnosis: The Physical Exam

Achieving an accurate diagnosis for your back pain is critical in determining the kind of treatment you need. Your healthcare professional may carry out a range of diagnostic techniques to help identify the cause of your back pain. And according to our Stoke on Trent chiropractor, conducting a physical examination is usually the most telling part of the diagnosis process.

The aim of a physical exam is to narrow down possible causes of pain. A typical physical exam for low back pain will usually include a combination of the following steps:


A medical professional will feel by hand along your back to identify possible muscle spasms or tightness. During this process, they will also look for areas of tenderness, or joint abnormalities.

Neurologic exam.

The journey to diagnosis may include a motor exam. Your reactions to touch and other senses may also be tested.

Range of motion test.

Your doctor or chiropractor may ask you to bend or twist in certain positions. This is done to locate positions that worsen or recreate pain and to identify whether normal movements are limited by pain or discomfort.

Reflex test.

Your leg reflexes may be checked to evaluate weakness and decreased muscle strength.

Remember that back pain isn’t a condition itself; but rather a symptom of another problem. Always seek an accurate diagnosis for your symptoms. You cannot properly treat the pain without knowing its true cause.

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