Back Pain Jargon Explained

If you’re suffering from back pain you are likely to have stumbled across a few medical terms – you may have even heard your chiropractor or doctor mentioning them. In order for you to better understand your back condition, our Stoke on Trent chiropractor has listed and explained some of the most commonly used “spine jargon”:

“Degenerative Disc Disease”

This is a term used to describe the breakdown of intervertebral discs (the spacers between the vertebrae).

 “Spinal Subluxations”

Many chiropractors use this term to refer to misalignments of neighbouring vertebrae. Bones go in the direction that muscles pull them. Tense muscles may pull vertebrae out of alignment which can cause pain, poor posture and a wide range of other symptoms.

“Muscle Spasms”

This is a common term used to describe painful muscular contractions (also sometimes accompanied by burning, tingling, numbness or loss of muscular control).

“Referred Pain”

This term is commonly associated with pinched nerves and refers to pain felt at a different location to where the nerve is pinched. Nerve impingement in the neck may cause referred pain in the arm, for example.

Remember that knowledge is power, so don’t be afraid to ask your chiropractor to re-explain anything that you don’t understand.

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