Back Pain Myths Busted!

back care advice from our stoke on trent chiropractorBack pain. Most of us (up to 80% of us in fact) have felt that twinge, spasm or jolt at one time or another. And most of us have been given “advice” on what to do when back pain strikes.  But does old auntie Jean swearing by bed rest as the best cure for a sore spine really make it true?

Here our Stoke on Trent chiropractor gets to work on busting some of the most common myths about back pain.

Just a Myth: “Moving will make my back pain worse…”

No one can deny that some movements may be uncomfortable when you have back pain, but it is a well established fact that movement is far better than rest for recovery.

Ideally, with the agreement of your doctor or chiropractor, you should return to movement and work as soon as you are able to.

Just a Myth: “I should avoid exercise if I have back pain…”

Most healthcare professionals agree that exercise is one of the best ways of treating acute and chronic lower back pain.

Certain types of back pain may respond better to different types of exercises, but the key is to do what you enjoy and can tolerate. Exercising may feel slightly uncomfortable at first, but it will become easier as your ability and overall health improves.

Remember to consult with a health care professional before undertaking exercise.

Just a Myth: “Only a scan can diagnose my back problem…”

MRI scans can play a big role in diagnosing the cause of certain types of back pain. But they are by no means always necessary or even helpful. Imaging alone isn’t capable of determining why someone is experiencing pain. For instance, most people without low back pain will have changes on scans and x-rays that do not cause any symptoms at all.

Where necessary, a scan may help to confirm the cause of back pain, but it is certainly not the only useful tool in making a diagnosis.

Just a Myth: “I’m in so much pain; there must be something seriously wrong with my back…”

Many people are surprised to hear this, but levels of pain are rarely indicative of the amount of injury sustained to the back. Pain is a lot more complex than this and different people’s perceptions of pain can be extremely varied. For example, past experiences, general health factors, sleep and exercise levels can all be a factor in how much pain an individual experiences.

So now you know…

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