Back to School Preparation: Help Your Kids to Have a Healthy Spine

back care advice for children from our stoke on trent chiropractorThe new school term is almost here – and for parents that means a few trips to the shops for all the latest back to school gear. But did you know the items you choose to buy for your children’s new school year can have a direct impact on their back health? From new shoes to new books to new backpacks – they can all play their part in the health of your children’s spines.

Here our Stoke on Trent chiropractor shares some effective advice on what to buy for your children as they prepare to return to school (along with some other general tips that will help protect their spines at school):

#1: Buy properly fitting shoes

Properly fitting shoes that provide support are essential for the health of your children’s spines (even if they do insist on having the latest 3 inch wedges!). When shoe shopping for back to school shoes, make sure you visit reputable shoe shops where your children’s feet can be properly measured.

#2 Invest in a Desk

While your children may prefer to do their homework on your comfy sofa, buying a desk and a good back-supporting chair will ensure your children have proper study places that help to protect the health of their spines.

If you haven’t got room for a desk, make sure your children use a book stand which will help alleviate the strain of constantly bending the neck down and forward.  All screens such as phones, tablets, and computers should also be used at eye level to help prevent back strain and  “text neck”.

#3: Keep an Eye on Their Back Packs

Back pain in school children is on the rise and is frequently the result of overloaded backpacks. As a general rule, your child’s backpack should weigh no more than 5– 10% of their body weight. A good way to keep the weight of the backpack to a minimum is to unpack any non-essential items every evening after school. If your child doesn’t need any of the contents of their bag for school, then remove them.

You should also ensure that your child’s back pack has wide, comfortable straps that are worn over both shoulders; and that they carry the heaviest items closest to their backs. Also watch out for any low-riders (a common way for school children to wear backpacks). Backpacks that hang lower than 4 inches below the waist are likely to place excessive strain on the spine.

By making small changes, you can ensure that your child’s “back” to school is a healthy one!


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