The Big Back to School Clean! Watch Your Neck!

The kids are back at school (hooray!) and it’s time to de-school-holiday your home and give it that super September clean! With 6 weeks’ worth of summer residue to clear up, you’re probably itching to give every corner of your home a deep cleanse. But stay safe in the process – or you could end up with another pain in the neck to deal with!

Here are two great tips from our Stoke on Trent chiropractor to keep your back and neck safe while cleaning this September:

1: Let your tools do their jobs

Anything that involves reaching and bending (such as mopping, vacuuming and cleaning light fixtures) can put a strain on your neck and back. Always use long-handled cleaning tools and let your tools do the hard work for you!

2: Avoid overreaching and twisting

You may be desperate to get stuck into those ceiling corners, but the cobwebs are not worth risking your spine health over. Instead of trying to contort your body into awkward positions, use a ladder or a safe stepping stool to reach those high points. Again, make use of the many ergonomically designed cleaning tools that are on the market and don’t attempt anything that causes you discomfort or pain.

Keep your home and your spine in ship-shape order!

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