Can Chronic Pain Make You Ill?

Chronic pain can make you feel more than just the pain itself; it can zap your body of its well-being.

According to our Stoke on Trent chiropractor, many people with chronic back pain may also experience other unpleasant symptoms such as:

  • Exhaustion and fatigue
  • Diminished appetite
  • Sleeping problems
  • Mood changes
  • Weakness
  • Lack of energy

Living with chronic back pain can also impact on your day-to-day routine, keeping you from doing the things you want and need to do.  Of course, it can take a major toll on your self-esteem and confidence too, making you feel frustrated, angry and depressed.

Even worse, the link between your emotions and physical pain can create a cycle. When you hurt on a physical level, you’re more likely to feel negative emotions, which in turn, can make your pain even worse.

Your pain is also likely to interfere with your sleep and increase your stress levels. Both a lack of sleep and more stress can increase the amount of physical pain you feel.

Never underestimate the impact of chronic pain. Always seek a positive treatment plan.

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