Carrying Heavy School Bags? Tips To Reduce Back Injury From Our Stoke Chiropractor

With the start of the school term looming children up and down the country will be gathering their books, sports kits and stationery to be packed into their bags ready for school. But what impact is carrying a heavy bag around having on their back and will these cause problems later in life?

As an experienced Stoke chiropractor, I recommend that parents should take into consideration the effects of placing undue pressure on their child’s back with a heavy school bag.

While using a school bag is a convenient way to carry school books it is important that your child distributes the weight in an effectively designed bag such as a backpack across the back and shoulder muscles. Poorly distributed weight can result in additional strain on the spine and may lead to back pain

It is important for parents to be aware that heavy backpacks carried for long periods can cause distortion to the natural curve in the back causing muscular problems and irritation on the joints and rib cage. The shoulders may also become rounded and can alter the way in which your child walks resulting in falls.

Encourage your child to carry the backpack on two shoulders rather than one as continually using one shoulder will make the back over compensate, placing more stress on the middle of the back, ribs and lower back.

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