Christmas Shopping Online? Will it Really Help your Back Pain?

back care advice from our stoke on trent chiropractorWith Christmas just around the corner, the great big British shopping rush is on with a vengeance! A few decades ago we had no choice but to battle through the crowds of the high street and shopping centres if we were to tick off all the items on those Christmas wish lists. If we wanted something, we had to physically go in search for it – come hail, snow or 3-mile traffic jams!

But things have moved on. Now we live in a super connected world where pretty much anything and everything is available to us at just a click of a mouse. We no longer have to put up with traffic jams, chaotic shops or those frenzied Christmas crowds to buy gifts for our nearest and dearest.

But is our back health paying the price?

Sitting down in front of a Smartphone, tablet or computer may seem safer on your back than traditional shopping, but it can actually be more dangerous. Our Stoke on Trent chiropractor warns that online shopping can strain the muscles in the neck and cause pain that can even extend down the spine into the lower back. This can be particularly concerning if you use your computer, laptop or Smartphone for hours on end as your body will eventually start to adopt a hunched position.

Here are some simple tips to keep you back safe as you surf the web for Christmas presents this year:

  • Take regular breaks,
  • Check that your back and neck are not stiffening,
  • Sit in a good adjustable chair that provides adequate  lumbar support,
  • Rest your feet flat on the floor or use a footrest,
  • If you use a computer or laptop, sit at a desk large enough to allow your forearms to rest on it when using the keyboard,
  • Make sure that your keyboard and monitor are at a comfortable height,
  • Take measures to avoid glare from the screen

It’s also a good idea to consider alternating traditional and online Christmas shopping as remaining active is one of the most effective ways to avoid or manage back pain.

Whatever way you shop this year, be mindful about protecting your spine. There’s nothing “merry” about back pain during the festive season, after all!

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