Common Myths About Back Pain

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you’ve probably scoured the internet plenty of times in search for advice on how to manage your condition. You’ve also probably stumbled across a myth or two. Today we highlight three common myths when it comes to dealing with back pain.

Myth No 1: Exercise Worsens Back Pain

While it’s true that you should always follow “doctor’s orders”, moderate exercise, such as stretching, walking, yoga and swimming is usually good for most types of back pain. Avoiding physical inactivity can cause your back muscles to become de-conditioned and weak. Always seek professional advice before starting any new fitness routine and if your pain does worsen, stop.

Myth No 2: Back Pain is an Expected Part of Ageing

Growing older does make us more prone to certain types of back problems but you shouldn’t simply accept back pain as a normal part of ageing. If you are suffering from untreated or worsening back pain, then seek professional help – no matter what your age.

Myth No 3: Bed Rest is Best

While a day or two in bed may help your back pain in the short term, extended periods of inactivity are likely to make your muscles weak and stiff. Staying in bed for long periods of time can also have an impact on your emotional well-being.

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2 thoughts on “Common Myths About Back Pain

  1. I have a question in my mind. I was suffering from a severe back pain and i am under medications. And many blogs on internet suggested to use a Memory foam mattress to improve my back pain. But i haven’t felt any improvement even after using the memory foam Mattress from a month. Do you think this memory foam thing is also a myth ?

    And secondly I actually chose the mattress which was a bit economical for me. Do you think more expensive mattress can give better results in term of curing my pain ?

    1. Thank you for reading the article. It all depends on the individual and some people are happy with memory foam and it seems to work well. I dont think you need to spend a huge amount of money but it is worth spending a little extra on a good mattress rather than a very cheap mattress because remember you generally spend 1/3 of a day sleeping. I do think that if you are suffering from severe back pain it is best to see an appropriate specialist to find out the cause of the problem.

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