Easter Eggs Galore! But Can Chocolate Actually be Good for You?

Thanks to the recent generosity of the Easter Bunny, you’ve probably consumed enough chocolate to last you through until Christmas! But while we know that eating too much of the sweet stuff is a little naughty, is chocolate really all bad?

Not entirely…

1:It can be good for the heart and circulation

It is believed that dark chocolate can help to restore the flexibility to the arteries  and can reduce the risk of white blood cells from sticking to the blood vessel walls – both major causes of clogged arteries.

2:It’s rich in minerals

Dark chocolate is packed with zinc, potassium and selenium. Surprisingly, a 100g bar of dark chocolate provides 67% of the RDA of iro

3:It provides skin protection

The flavonols found in dark chocolate are believed to provide a form of sun protection to the skin (although it is always recommended to wear sun cream in hot weather).

Remember, while it’s nice to feel a little less guilty about our seasonal indulgences, it’s important to follow a healthy and balanced diet.

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