Easy Breathing Techniques to Control Back Pain

back care advice from our stoke on trent chiropractorWith up to 80% of us experiencing back pain at some point during our lives, it’s worth making ourselves familiar with pain management techniques.

Here our Stoke on Trent chiropractor provides simple coping strategies that you can implement to help your chronic back pain.

Before you focus on any pain management technique, it’s important that you are relaxed. Try putting yourself in a reclining position in a dark room, if possible.  You can either close your eyes or focus on a specific point.

Once you’re in a relaxed position, start to slow down your breathing. Breathe in and out deeply, using your chest. Think of the word “relax” as you’re doing so. Continue with controlled breathing for 2-3 minutes and then, once you begin to feel your body entering a relaxed state, try implementing some of the following techniques:

1: Use the power of your mind to change the sensations that you feel. Think of pleasant, non-painful sensations and imagine transferring these feelings to a painful area of your body.

2: Imagine a period in time (either in the past or in the future) when you are either pain-free or experiencing much less pain. Tell your mind to act as if this image represents real life.

3: Think of a symbol that represents your pain. It may be a loud, annoying noise for example, or an uncomfortably bright light bulb. In your mind, gradually reduce the negative aspects of this symbol, such as quieting the noise or dimming the painfully bright light.

4: Focus your mind on a pleasant place that would make you feel relaxed, carefree and safe.

5: Silently count your way through a painful episode. This can involve counting breaths, floor tiles or even a mental image that you’ve conjured up.

6: Imagine moving your pain to another area of your body, where it is easier to cope with. Many people focus on moving back pain to their hand, or even into thin air, for example.

Remember that practice makes perfect and it usually takes a few attempts for these techniques to become effective. Our chiropractor recommends that you work on pain coping strategies for about 30 minutes, 3 times a week. With a little practice, you will soon find that the relaxation and chronic pain control become stronger and last for longer.

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