It’s Festival Season ! But Is Your Back Up To It?

back care advice from city chiropractic stoke on trentWith great live music, scrumptious food and hours upon hours of dancing, festivals can be an exciting day out or a fun camping weekend. But if you suffer from back pain, it’s crucial that you follow safety advice to keep those aches and niggles at bay.

As festival season is about to get into full swing, our chiropractor in Stoke on Trent shares some essential safety tips to take care of your back and maximise the fun…

1: Spread Out the Weight of Your Baggage

If you have a lot to carry, consider taking a few lighter bags rather than cramming everything into one heavier holdall. Taking two or more bags will enable you to distribute the weight of your luggage more easily.

2:  Wear a Rucksack

Rucksacks are easy to carry and apply less pressure to your back. Remember to always choose a rucksack with two straps to ensure that the load is distributed evenly across your back and shoulders. If you’re carrying more than one bag, choose one with a strap that crosses over your body as a second bag.

3: Prepare Your Sleeping Surface

If you’re camping at a festival it’s important that you choose a sleeping area with even ground. Remove any large stones or sticks that could poke into your back. When you’re planning your trip it’s a good idea to invest in a good quality camping mat that will provide adequate protection from hard surfaces and damp. Also make sure that your tent provides ample room to change positions easily.

4:Stay Hydrated

Drinking alcohol can cause dehydration which can aggravate and cause muscle pain so keep yourself topped up with plenty of water.

 5:Get Equipped

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing – especially if you know you are likely to be standing for long periods of time. Remember to always stand with your weight evenly distributed to adequately support you feet.

Festivals appeal to people of all ages and with hours or even days of your favourite music to enjoy, it is easy to forget about taking care of your spine. However, spending a few moments to remember and implement these safety tips can make a world of difference. And let’s face it; nothing is worth risking our back health for!

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