The Ghosts of Chiropractors Past …

As we get ready for a spooky Halloween filled with ghastly ghouls, wicked witches and sinful spirits, our team of Stoke on Trent chiropractors take a trip “to the other side” as we look at the ghosts of chiropractors past…


Chiropractic care was founded back in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer, a grocer with a profound interest in metaphysics. Palmer was a magnetic healer prior to his “discovery” of chiropractic care. He also had interests in phrenology and spiritualism.

It is alleged that Palmer discovered the principle of chiropractic treatment when he cured a janitor of his deafness by performing manipulation on his neck.

Palmer termed his new-found technique as “chiropractic,” which means “done by hand”.  He believed that all disease is caused by subluxated bones which disrupt the flow of innate intelligence. Palmer did not subject his ideas to any form of research, but rather went directly to treating patients and to teaching his principles to the first generation of chiropractors.

You can read more about the history of chiropractic here.

Chiropractic has grown and developed worldwide since those early days and has gained recognition and respect in the primary care environment. Influential research has underpinned the development of the profession and has come both from within and outside of the chiropractic research communities.

If only Palmer could see how much chiropractic care has evolved. Or maybe he can…

Happy Halloween!

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