Is Your Neck Pain a Result of Dehydration?

Do you find that you tend to suffer with a stiff or sore neck more frequently than others? Does your neck discomfort come on even when you’re doing seemingly low-intensity activities? If so, it could be time you looked at your water intake.

Maintaining good hydration habits may help to prevent cervical disc degeneration, which is a major contributor to neck pain. This is because the discs between the spine’s vertebrae actually depend on water to maintain disc height and spinal alignment. Most people are born with spinal discs that are made up of around 80% water. But this decreases over time, as the disc degenerates.

For some of the patients who visit our Stoke on Trent clinic, keeping a 1 litre bottle of water in the fridge or at their desk acts a good reminder to keep hydrated. Another effective habit builder is to pair your water intake with your daily routine, such as drinking a pint of water after brushing your teeth.

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