It’s The Month for Romance, But Is your Back Pain Affecting Your Relationships?

Couple Having Argument At HomeIt may be the time of year for chocolate hearts and roses, but if you’re suffering from chronic back pain, romance is probably the last thing on your mind. But is your back pain having a long-term negative effect on your relationships?

Chronic back pain can cause major changes in your personal relationships, especially your relationship with your partner. On top of your own personal frustrations surrounding your condition, you may feel guilty about the impact your chronic pain has on your partner. Maybe your partner has to take on more parental responsibilities and household chores; maybe there are added financial worries if you are unable to work or take regular periods of absence; perhaps your physical limitations mean you are no longer able to enjoy certain shared hobbies.

But there are simple and effective ways to ensure your relationship stays on track.

The following top tips may help:

1: Communicate

Many people living with chronic pain desire support from their partners, but it’s important that you tell your partner how you’re feeling instead of assuming they already know. Pain is invisible – although your partner can empathise with you, they cannot truly understand what you are physically or emotionally going through. So tell them; be honest about your worries, challenges and frustrations and let them know how important their love and support is to you.

2: Make Realistic Plans Together

Living with chronic back main may mean you can’t do certain activities, but that doesn’t mean you should stop spending quality time with your partner. Instead of focusing on things you can’t do, make plans for enjoyable things you can do together. Arrange a date night where the two of you watch your favourite movie together or have a TV-free evening where you can catch up on some good conversation. During these times, make a conscious effort not to talk too much about health-related problems and focus on the positive things in your relationship instead.

3: Change Your Duties

If your back pain makes it difficult to keep up with certain household chores, find another duty to be responsible for. This will keep you an active and contributing member of your family and will take some of the pressure off your partner’s shoulders.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not take these positive steps straight away?

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