Keep Your Back Safe at the Gym!

There you are – gear on, gym towel around your neck and a belly burning with motivation to get fit and healthy. You’re as set as you’ll ever be to get yourself in shape and as you start your first training session, things are looking good. And then you perform your next bicep curl, stomach crunch or chest press and – ouch – you’re in a world of pain!

If you’ve read any of the advice from our Stoke on Trent chiropractor (or read anything from any other reputable source about preventing back pain) you’ll know that regular exercise is crucial for a healthy spine. But exercises that are performed incorrectly can mean fewer benefits for you and sometimes even injury and pain.

Our chiropractor recommends that you always warm up properly before starting your workout and that you perform each exercise in a controlled and comfortable way. Never attempt any new exercise or use any piece of equipment without seeking the advice of a gym instructor first. If you currently suffer with or have suffered with back pain in the past, speak to a medical professional before undertaking any new exercise.

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