Life’s Not Always a Beach with Back Pain!

It’s that lovely time of year where your summer holiday plans are closely in sight. Stunning stretches of golden sand, endless sapphire skies and rolling days of rest and relaxation. Pure bliss. Unless your back plays up!

According to our Stoke on Trent chiropractor, summer holidays are a time when you should really pay attention to your back health, especially if you’re the type who likes nothing more than lounging in the sun for hours on end.

Sun loungers can be pretty bad news for anyone with lower back pain. But there are ways that you can prevent back pain from spoiling your fun in the sun.

When sunbathing on your back, you should slightly raise the back of the lounger. To reduce the load on your back even further, you should also roll up two beach towels to place under your knees, so that your knees are slightly bent.

When it’s time to tan your back,  fold two beach towels and place them underneath your tummy before you start sunbathing. This will prevent your lower back joints from jamming together, which can be painful when trying to get up gracefully!

Remember that lying in one position for too long can cause your back condition to flare up, so make sure you break up any sunbathing stints with a walk or a dip in the pool.

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