Make Your Bedroom a Tech-Free Zone For Better Health and Happiness!

No one can deny that ever advancing technology continues to provide new opportunities to stay connected, engaged and informed. But with more access to portable devices brings certain situations where technology can do more harm than good – and using it in the bedroom is one of them.

There are three important reasons why staying tech-free between the sheets is a good idea:

1: You’ll Get More Sleep

Exposure to artificial light between dusk and bedtime makes it more makes it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. With the lure of a screen too strong for many people to turn off, it’s better to avoid watching TV/ using technology in bed whatsoever.

2: You’ll be Happier

Bad stories in the news, personal insights into people’s lives on social media and worrisome work emails can create negative emotions. Can anyone say it’s healthy to fall asleep with exaggerated negative feelings!?

3: You’ll Have More Time to Reflect and Unwind

Evenings bring a great opportunity to relax and unwind and reflect on the day that has been. Filling this valuable “downtime” with technology can override quality time both by yourself and with your family/ partner.

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