What the Mirror May Be Telling You about Your Back

back care advice from our stoke on trent chiropractorWant to find out the truth about your back health? Look in the mirror; your reflection can expose a myriad of information! And contrary to what you may believe, a “straight” back doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy back.

Our Stoke on Trent chiropractor explains that the spine itself isn’t a straight line, but an “S” shape consisting of three natural curves. Good posture – a critical component to maintaining a healthy back – means achieving a balanced alignment of the spine’s curves.

So the next time you check out your reflection, pay attention to the shape of your back.  Start by looking at the thoracic curve – the area between your neck and your abs. Is it hunched or does it make you look like you’re slouching? If so, then it’s time for some spine SOS! Stretch your thoracic curve up to the ceiling (the way you do when someone tells you to stop slouching!). This is the ideal position for this area of the back.

Next you want to focus your attention on the lumbar curve – the area between your abs and your lower body. These vertebrae should naturally curl inward, but we tend to lose this form by regularly leaning back in our chairs and sliding our bottoms forward. You can recover the curve by pulling your tailbone back and pushing your belly button forward.

A good way to measure your spine’s curves is to lean your back against a wall. Ideally, your thoracic curve and tailbone should be resting on the surface, but your lumbar curve should not be touching the wall. Your fingers should be able to fit in the gap but not your full hand.

Poor posture causes misalignment of bones and leads to muscles, joints and ligaments taking excessive strain. Overtime, as these minor injuries add up, tendons gradually rupture and spinal discs become less and less able to absorb shock. Worryingly, unlike an acute injury such as a sprained wrist, spine damage is often chronic and sometimes irreversible.

So, the next time you’re standing in front of a mirror wondering if your bottom looks big in your new jeans, consider asking yourself if your back looks healthy instead.

Remember; the mirror doesn’t lie – and knowing the truth about your back could just save you from developing a painful injury.

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  1. Brilliant clinic. Back and posture have improved five fold after my first block of appointments
    highly recommend

    1. Thank you for such positive feedback. We’re delighted that we have made a difference to your back pain and posture.

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