Mother’s Day: Is your Hectic Lifestyle Causing Your Back Pain?

back pain advice from a chiropractor in stoke on trentCalling all busy Mums and Dads in Stoke on Trent – are you properly taking care of those hard working backs?

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we have to warn you that parents of babies and young children could be putting their spine health at risk on a daily basis. If you’re a parent you will probably agree that along with the joy of motherhood often comes the burden of back ache.

You know the familiar scene: you’re busy juggling nappy changes, feeding schedules, work, washing, cooking, ironing (the list goes on) and you spend most of your standing moments with a rapidly growing baby/ toddler attached to your hip. When you eventually flop down in your bed at night, it’s not long before your little one demands your attention in the small hours. Rest, relaxation and recuperation no longer seem to fit into your schedule – and your back is starting to pay the price.

But while looking after a young child can be demanding on your body, there are ways that you can protect your back and make sure your spine stays healthy. We’d like to share the following advice to keep parenthood pain -free:

1: Be Careful About How You “Wear” Your Baby

There’s no denying that baby “wearing” is a wonderful thing for busy parents. Above all else, being able to carry your child and remain hands-free means you can get so many more things done! However, some parents can experience painful back problems if they wear their babies incorrectly.

When you’re purchasing a baby carrier, make sure you choose one that goes across both your shoulders and your midsection – as this will allow the weight of the baby to be distributed evenly across your body. You may also benefit from wearing a stomach strap that will help to maintain the strength in your abdominal muscles.

If you do choose to wear your baby, start when they are young. This way, you can build up your muscles in preparation for when your child weighs more.

2: Don’t Carry Your Child in their Car Seat

If you’ve ever carried a baby in a car seat you will know how heavy your tiny little bundle suddenly becomes! To avoid damaging your back muscles, keep the car seat attached in the car and carry your baby back and forth. If on some occasions you do have to carry the baby in the seat, use two arms so that the weight is distributed evenly. If this means having to make an extra trip to the house to grab your changing bag then so be it. After all, you won’t be much use to your little one if you’re laid up with painful back spasms…

3: Lessen the Load You Carry

Changing bags are wonderful inventions – with all those pockets and enough room for everything your baby needs you probably wonder how any parent gets through the day without them. But with heavy loaded bags comes a heavy risk for back pain, especially as so many changing bags only come with one shoulder strap!

To lessen the risk of developing back ache, make sure that you alternate the shoulder on which you wear your changing bag and only pack the essential items that you need.

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