National Gardening Week: Keep Your Back Safe This Spring

gardening back care adviceBritish summer time is officially here and for many of us that means getting our gardens in ship-shape ready for the sunny season. With National Gardening Week kicking off on the 11th April, our team of chiropractors in Stoke on Trent have put together a list of helpful tips to keep your back safe as you satisfy those green fingers…

1: Dig Safely

You can reduce your risk of developing muscle strain while digging your garden by taking certain precaution. Avoid excessive twisting by staying in alignment with the direction of your shovel. Turn your whole body to change position; not just your back. You should also follow this advice when emptying dirt out of a shovel. While it may seem more convenient to twist your back, this movement may put your spine at risk of injury.

2: Take Care When Weeding

You can protect your spine from the effects of weeding by sitting on a stool. This will reduce excessive pressure on your back, knees and hips. However, the key is to sit properly by keeping your back straight – even when you have to lean forward to grab a weed!

3: Be Mindful When Lifting Plants and Heavy Equipment

Use common sense when attempting to lift a heavy bag of soil or another piece of gardening equipment –if something feels too heavy for you to lift alone, leave it until you have help.

Here are some other common sense tips to follow when lifting:

  • Arrange for someone to help you and only lift something if you and your helper feel comfortable and at ease doing so.
  • Make sure you bend from your hips and knees rather than at your waist. Your hips are better equipped to deal with a heavy weight than your spine.
  • Keep your back straight when lifting. If you are in the habit of bending at the waist to lift, you may need to be extra mindful. Take your time, stop for a moment and prepare before you start lifting. It will only take a couple of moments and it could prevent you from picking up a long-term injury.

Of course, if back pain develops or worsens at any time when gardening, then stop immediately and seek medical advice if it continues.

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