Spring Garden Project? The “Do’s and Don’ts” To Keep Your Back Safe

With warmer days, longer evenings and the blossom of spring just around the corner, many of us are turning our attention away from our cosy living rooms and out into our gardens. And quite rightly so. Why wait until the summer to get our gardens into ship-shape? After all, that’s the time when we’re meant to enjoy them, not work at them.

If you suffer from back pain, there’s no need to banish all hope of creating the perfect summer garden. You should, however, take certain precautions, which our Stoke on Trent chiropractor has highlighted in this simple “Do and Don’t” list:


  • Use a lightweight garden tool with a long handle
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing
  • Keep your back straight when lifting soil or anything heavy
  • Exert force through your knees
  • Dig for short periods of time only
  • Take regular breaks (every 10-20 minutes)
  • Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water


  • Strain, twist or reach out too far
  • Overfill your spade
  • Dig for long periods of time
  • Overload the wheelbarrow.
  • Squat or bed with a bent back

Here’s to both your health and your garden staying in full bloom this spring.

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