Three Things You Should Always Ask a Chiropractor

So you’ve decided that you finally want to get shot of your back pain and it’s time to call a chiropractor. But finding the right chiropractor is just as important as making the decision to find one at all. Here are three savvy questions to ask before you make an appointment.

1: Do you have experience in treating my condition?

According to our Stoke on Trent chiropractor, hands-on experience is way more important than just having textbook knowledge. Ask potential chiropractors how much experience they have in treating your specific condition. It’s your body and your health; you have a right to know who’s going to be treating it!

2: How long will treatment last?

Alarm bells should start to ring if any chiropractor tells you the exact time it will take for your condition to improve. A date that marks the “end” of your pain may sound appealing, but this could be a sign that your chiropractor is more interested in filling up the appointment diary than helping you to heal.

3: What can I do to achieve the best results?

A good chiropractor will create a personal treatment plan that is designed around your specific problems and requirements. This should include things that you can do in between treatments to further help your progress.

Hope that helps!

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