What is Whiplash?

Whiplash – it’s a word that seems to be thrown around quite a lot these days. But how do you know if you’ve got it?

Our Stoke on Trent chiropractor explains that true whiplash occurs when the neck and head are suddenly forced backward and forward. This harsh movement puts the cervical spine through super quick motions and significant stress.

Although whiplash is most commonly associated with road traffic accidents, it can actually be caused by any high-impact activity where extreme acceleration – deceleration forces (such as riding a rollercoaster or falling from a horse) are applied to the cervical spine.

The most obvious symptom of whiplash is neck pain, which can range anywhere from mild tingling to excruciating. Other red flags may include neck stiffness or a reduced range of motion, neck instability, shoulder and/or upper back pain, or headache. Some patients may also experience tingling, weakness, or numbness that spreads into the shoulder and/or down the arm.

Seek medical help if you think you may be suffering from whiplash.

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