What Your Spasms May Be Telling You

Many of the patients that visit our clinic in Stoke on Trent come to us as a result of experiencing muscles spasms. If you’ve ever suffered from such a complaint, you will understand just how painful they can be. Buy why do they occur in the first place and should they warrant concern?

Muscles spasms are often a warning sign to stop and listen to our bodies. They usually occur either as a result of the muscles trying to protect themselves from strain or as a response to an underlying condition. If your muscles think they are about to get torn as a result of a particular movement, they will contract to try and protect themselves. In these cases, the muscles will typically heal within a week or two with some care and attention. But if you’re experiencing muscle spasms with no obvious cause or if your muscle spasms seem to be more frequent than usual, then contact a healthcare professional for advice.

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