Where Do You Want Your Health to be in Six Months’ Time?

We’re still very early in the year and many of the patients who visit our Stoke on Trent Chiropractors are keen to give their health a power boost! The New Year brings the same sense of motivation for most of us; we’re feeling sluggish (and probably slightly plumper!) after the recent festivities and something inside us makes us want to start treating our bodies with a little bit more care and attention. But what can we do now that will help towards feeling ship-shape ready for the summer?

Here are five top tips:

1. Keep Your Weight in Check

Obesity is linked to many serious health conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, back pain and even some types of cancer. Your doctor can accurately calculate your BMI which will give an idea of the risk your body weight has on your health. Make regular exercise and healthy eating part of your lifestyle and you will notice changes occurring.

2. Cut Down on the Booze

Many people enjoy a tipple every now and then but regularly drinking to excess can lead to a broad range of serious health problems. If you have been taking part in “Dry January”, that can be a good way to get used to reducing the amount of alcohol you consume but it’s important to treat your lowered alcohol intake as part of your healthy new lifestyle, and not just as a monthly detox.

If you are alcohol dependent, seek professional advice from your GP before cutting out or drastically reducing your alcohol intake.

3. Lower Your Salt and Fat Intake

Excessive amounts of salt and fat is deemed as a leading cause of serious illnesses such as diabetes, stroke and heart attack. Try to eat as many organic and natural foods as you can and always check the labels at the supermarket. Book an appointment with your GP to get your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked and ask their advice on eating correctly for your health.

4. Stub It Out!

There is probably no better and immediate way to improve your health (and bank balance!) than to quit smoking! If you stop smoking now, your lungs will start to clear by this time tomorrow and in just three days your breathing will become easier and you’ll have more energy! It has been proven time and time again that quitting smoking significantly reduces the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer and increases the chance of living a longer and healthier life. There are many products, courses and help lines that can support you as you start your journey to becoming smoke-free, so make 2016 the year you stub it out for good!

5: Relax

Too many people in the UK suffer from stress at a level where they believe it is making them ill. Chronic and untreated stress and anxiety can lead to certain physical conditions such as high blood pressure, joint and muscle pain and range of other uncomfortable symptoms. Depression can also develop as a result of long-term stress.

If you feel highly stressed then visit your GP or health care professional. There are many effective treatment options that can help to eliminate and manage stress.

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