Why Do You Feel So Stiff?

If you find yourself feeling more like the Tin Man (or woman) more often than Superman (or woman) then it could be time to start looking at the reasons why. According to our Stoke on Trent chiropractor, muscle aches and pains are common, but they shouldn’t be ignored – especially if they occur for no apparent reason.

While a variety of factors (ranging from stress to vitamin D deficiency) can cause muscles pain and stiffness, it’s important to get any underlying causes ruled out.

If you’ve already had your problem evaluated and there is no medical cause for your aches and pains, then it’s important to practice self-care to manage and improve your symptoms.

It can be tempting to do nothing and stay still to avoid muscle pain, especially if you’re recovering from a sprain or you suffer from chronic pain. In most cases however, gentle stretching exercises and easing back into usual activities is best. Walking is another incredibly effective way of keeping your muscles supple and flexible.

Don’t accept your muscle pain. There’s almost always a solution.

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