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Etienne Dupont Doctor of ChiropracticDr Etienne Dupont BSc. DC (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Etienne has been interested in complementary healthcare from an early age having grown up in a family where it was widely used. This fostered an interest in manipulative therapy and specifically Chiropractic care. He has been graduated from the prestigious Franco-European Institute of Chiropractic.

His main focus is on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. His aim is to tailor treatment, advice and rehabilitation to the individual patients’ goal and needs. Etienne is also passionate about using these skills to help patients of all ages and background to have a better understanding and control over existing or chronic injury and to improve posture and joint function to prevent injury and optimise musculoskeletal function.

He also works with athletes from many sports including golf, tennis, rugby… In addition to this, Etienne has a lot of experience and understanding of Equestrian activities and the biomechanics of horse and rider which can help improve a rider’s seat, posture and comfort whilst riding by evaluating and correcting any musculoskeletal imbalances.

Etienne believes chiropractic can decrease people’s pain levels whilst improving function and wellbeing. Etienne looks forward to meeting you at City Chiropractic Clinic!

Meryl Guillaume associate at City Chiropractic Stoke on Trent Meryl Guillaume

Meryl is a recent chiropractic degree graduate from France and is currently undergoing the process of becoming registered with our UK regulatory body.

Meryl studied chiropractic for six years at the IFEC (Institut Franco-Europeen de chiropraxie) in France, including an internship during the last two years in the student clinic with supervisors.

She has additionally trained in Applied kinesiology, kinesiotaping, muscular technic and psychomotricity to extend her practice.

She discovered chiropractic having been a patient when she was young. After having seen and felt the benefits of chiropractic, she decided to learn more about the profession and become a chiropractor to help people to live to their full potential.

She has undertaken two humanitarian chiropractic missions (in Asia and Africa) to help people in need with chiropractic. She found this a thoroughly enriching experience and the opportunity to discover some pathologies that we don’t usually meet in our developed countries.

Meryl joined our clinics in order to gain experience in working in a successful environment and to improve her English.

During her free time, she likes walking, swimming, doing yoga, cooking, playing a little piano and travelling.

Meryl understands that a combination of chiropractic, eating healthily, moving more and good mind health can make a real difference in our lives.

Deborah Laurent and Ann Avramovic

Deborah and Ann are the Chiropractic Assistant at City Chiropractic Clinic. They are very hard working, conscientious and warm and caring members of staff who enjoy meeting new people every day. Deborah or Ann will be the first person you meet at the clinic.

Ne’ema Bowen

Ne’ema Bowen is the clinic’s Practice Manager and ensures that both the Newcastle practice and the Stoke practice continue to provide the high standard of care that the clinics are known to provide.


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