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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

To all our patients, friends and colleagues,

For your safety, your families, our team – we have come to the very difficult decision to close the clinics and only see essential – urgent/acute cases and #keyworkers but only after we have completed a telephone/video consultation.

We will also be available for video consultations for our existing patients should you need our advice or support. These appointments are also available for those who are currently self-isolating. These can be booked the usual way by phone or online through our normal online booking. We will be reducing our hours.

We have spent the weekend reading, ruminating, risk assessing and we had decided that the right thing to do is close. We have taken every precaution advised and been extra diligent with our cleaning but social distancing is advised.

We will continue to assess and listen to government guidelines which presently do not advise us to close – but this is the right and responsible thing to do! We have just received advice from our British Chiropractic Association to close to non-urgent cases so this MUST be the right decision!

We anticipate that we will be closed for at least two weeks but know we are still available for you should you need to talk to us. Anyone with an upcoming appointment will be contacted by us to rearrange to a later date. We will share our booking button for video appointments.

Extremely difficult when I have been in practice for 28 years and had such brilliant patients and an amazing team!!! 😊😄 We want to continue to be able to provide the excellent service we have always done – and we CAN and WILL after this has passed.

Stay safe and stay strong!!!

City Chiropractic Clinic
23rd March 2020


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