Avoid the Stress of Juggling Everything!

healthy living advice from our stoke on trent chiropractorIt’s no surprise that working mothers feel the strain of their extra-busy lives! There is only one of you, yet you feel like you’re being stretched in a million ways. It is natural to feel guilty about leaving your kids with a babysitter or to feel overwhelmed about keeping your boss, clients and family happy. But you can take action to cut out the stress and ensure you and your family stay calm and happy.

Share the load

More often these days, dads and other family members are stepping in to help working mothers.  When it comes to parenting, don’t hesitate to share the load of responsibilities with your partner or close family members.

Make your schedule flexible

If you’re feeling extremely stressed, consider asking your employer about rearranging your schedule. Perhaps you can work four days instead of five or have a certain day off in the week and make up your hours during other working days. If a flexible working schedule is not possible, try to pick one evening or weekend day when you can dedicate your time solely to your family. This means turning off the laptop, leaving your mobile at home and focusing all your attention on your children. As well as making your kids happy, this quality time away from your job will help to recharge your batteries, and you can return to work feeling more energetic and less stressed.

Make the transition between the office and home

Whatever works for you, do it and do it often! Maybe you’re the type of person who needs a drive, a coffee or a visit with a friend to make the transition between work and home mode. And don’t feel guilty about arriving home slightly later, because you will feel more connected to your family, less strained and your children will thank you for it!

Hire a house cleaner

If you can afford to hire a house cleaner, consider doing do! With housework off your “to do” list, you will have a lot more time to spend doing fun things with your children. Imagine being able to take your children on an adventure and come home to a tidy house!

Implement these tips from our Stoke on Trent chiropractor and avoid the stress of trying to be everything to everyone!

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