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back care advice from our stokeon trent chiropractorCycling has become increasingly popular over the last few years with people taking to two wheels to exercise, get to work and have fun. However, Cycling UK want more people to get in the saddle and find out how cycling can be incorporated into their daily lives easily. With this aim, they organise Bike Week every year. This year it runs from the 9th – 17th June. Events are being run all over the country to encourage people to get on their bikes and get peddling.

Back pain is on the increase and one of the contributory factors is our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Our chiropractors at City Chiropractic Clinic in Stoke therefore encourage everyone to get active and take more exercise to help keep their backs healthy.

Consumer research undertaken by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) in 2017 found that 41% of people had been prevented from exercising due to back and neck pain. 25% of respondents reported that their back or neck pain had put them off taking physical activity for up to a month.

It is disappointing that back pain and neck pain is impacting people in this way. Our chiropractors want to encourage people to be more aware of the benefits that exercising can have in improving back health.

There is a common misconception that rest is best for back pain, however, in many cases this could be the worst thing to do. Continuing moderate physical exercise often can help in the long run. It is best to seek the advice of a chiropractor or healthcare professional to find out what’s right for you.

Cycling offers a great way to get active and take exercise. However, before jumping into the saddle our chiropractors have put together some tips to help keep your back safe.

Get Set: It’s really important before setting out that you set the bike up to suit you. Some of the most common reasons that contribute to back and neck pain in cyclists is overstretching to reach handle bars, seats that slope backwards, seats at the wrong height and soft tyres.

Ensure that you are in a position where you are not having to overreach or strain your back, neck ,shoulders or wrists when your hands are onto the handlebars. Adjust the seat so that it slopes forward or is flat. Check that when you are seated and the pedal is down that you only have a slight bend in your knee. You may need to adjust the seat height to get yourself into this position.

Pump up the tyres to minimise any impact on your spine.

Get the Gear: Wear suitable clothing that isn’t going to restrict your movement. Cycle seats are notoriously uncomfortable so you may want to consider wearing some appropriate padding!

Get Ready: Cycling is just like any other form of exercise and it’s advisable to warm up before starting and cool down at the end to avoid injuries and strains.

Get Going: On your ride be sure to very your position from time to time.

If you are suffering pain or discomfort or haven’t taken any form of exercise for sometime it is important to check with your chiropractor or healthcare professional before embarking on any form of exercise.

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