Celebrate A Back Pain Free Christmas Lunch

Not long to go now … only a few more sleeps until Santa arrives! Unfortunately Santa doesn’t stick around to cook the Christmas dinner though!

This year our chiropractors at City Chiropractic Clinic in Stoke on Trent want to remind all you cooks who will be preparing Christmas lunch to mind your posture to keep your back as safe as possible.

It’s surprising just how much bending, lifting, stretching and standing for long periods, with a whole lot of stress thrown in, is involved in getting the Christmas dinner on the table and it all starts with the shopping. For many the Christmas dinner means catering for more people which means that you’ll have a lot more grocery bags which will probably be heavier to lift and carry.

When lifting remember to keep your back straight and bend at your knees. When carrying always face the direction you want to go in to avoid twisting your back.

Store the food and ingredients you’ll need on the day at elbow or shoulder height to avoid having to overstretch. Likewise with any kitchen equipment you are going to use.

You’ll probably find yourself spending a good portion of your time working at your kitchen tops. Use a chopping board to raise the height of the top to suit you so that you avoid stooping over the top and putting strain on your neck and back.

Remember to mind your posture when you are moving things in and out of the oven and moving your pots and pans on your hobĀ – they’ll be a lot heavier than you think!

Let’s admit it Christmas can be stressful and especially when you are responsible for feeding a host of people! Take regular breaks and do some simple stretches which will help loosen up your back and give you a chance to take a break. Check your shoulders from time to time and if you are feeling tension or your shoulders are lifting up, take a deep breath and readjust your posture.

We wish you all a back pain free and happy Christmas.



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