Why Chiropractic Treatment Promotes Self Healing

If you suffer from acute or chronic back pain then you may be considering a visit to a chiropractor. You’ve probably heard that chiropractors offer relief from pain and other uncomfortable symptoms, but if you’re like many people, you may not know exactly what makes this treatment option so successful.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that although a large proportion of chiropractic treatment is focused around the spine, the positive effects can be wide-reaching.  As the spine is the home residence of the central nervous system, (which is responsible for the functioning of everything in the body) spine-centric adjustments can actually benefit symptoms in other parts of the body.  So, for example, a patient may seek chiropractic help initially to treat lower back pain and end up with an improved immune system as well.

Chiropractors typically treat a wide span of musculoskeletal conditions that affect the body’s bones, joints, nerves and muscles. Based on the principle that misalignments of the spine can hinder the body’s natural self-healing abilities, chiropractic treatment can contribute to overall optimum health.  Chiropractors believe that the body cannot function to its maximum potential when spinal misalignments exist, because they block the stream of information between the brain and the body.

Next it should be acknowledged that it isn’t just significant injuries or serious health conditions that cause spinal misalignments. Physical, psychological or even chemical factors can have an impact on the spine and cause micro-traumas that can lead to misalignments. People who adopt poor posture, for example and those who eat an unhealthy diet or suffer from regular periods of stress are at risk of damaging their spine health. Chiropractors work on the concept that improvements in posture, flexibility and diet can work towards keeping the body’s pathways free and help to boost overall health.

The majority of chiropractors take a holistic approach to treatment and for each case, consider the many factors they believe are influential on human health. As a result of this, many patients come away from a chiropractic consultation with not only a physical treatment plan but suggested lifestyle changes to further promote any scheduled spinal adjustments.

Chiropractic is all about believing in and trusting our amazing self-healing capabilities and providing an optimum environment in which the body can do it. Chiropractic treatment doesn’t take anything away from or add anything to the body; it simply helps to maximise the body’s incredible innate potential.

So, the next time you feel a few aches and niggles in your back and you reach for the trusty painkillers, put your faith in your body instead. With a nudge in the right direction, it can really can do mind blowing things!

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