Do You Have To Live With Back Pain? Our Stoke Chiro Offers This Advice

chiropractic treatmentBack pain is common. Studies have shown that 4 out 5 people will at some point in their life experience back pain. For many people, their back pain may be a short episode which gets better quickly. However, for others, back pain can last longer and have a debilitating impact on their lives.

Many patients who visit our Stoke chiropractic clinic are suffering from back pain. For many patients it may be their first episode of back pain, however, many have suffered recurring episodes over many years. It’s not uncommon for patients to have tried many ways to alleviate their back pain but have never found a solution.

In fact, patients will often share with our chiropractors how they have been told that they must “learn to live with it”. At City Chiropractic Clinic our chiropractors want to erase the phrase “you have to live with it”.

Our chiropractors believe that it is vital to look for the root cause of the problem that a patient is experiencing as opposed to treating the symptoms that the patient is experiencing.


Chiropractic and Back Pain

Chiropractors are well known for their treatment of backs due to the success of chiropractic care for the treatment of back pain. Chiropractic along with staying active may well be the best solution for treating back pain. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) itself has recommended the best approach to back pain is spinal manipulation and exercises.

Chiropractic is a primary contact health care profession. This means that a Chiropractor has the skills to diagnose, provide care for and help prevent mechanical disorders of the spine and the effects of these disorders on the functions of the nervous system.

It also means that if the examination results indicate that a patient’s case would be better helped by another type of care the patient will be referred to the appropriate health professional.


Visiting Our Stoke Chiropractors

Our team of chiropractors at City Chiropractic Clinic are committed to helping patients to achieve their health goals and live a full and active life.

 This place has been a massive help to me professional, affordable, quick and the results are brilliant. Spent a year arched over walking like a duck now back to my normal self it took a few sessions to put right but the outcome is phenomenal. The staff are helpful and are always available for advice. Friendly and really are experts in this department. Would highly recommend.” Jack R (5-Star Google Review)


What to expect on your first visit to City Chiropractic in Stoke

On Arrival

You will be made to feel comfortable upon your arrival at our clinic. To further understand your symptoms, one of our Chiropractic Assistants will assist you in completing some paperwork, if you have not done so before attending your first appointment.


I was a bit nervous before I came to my first appointment as I didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as I walked through the door I was made to feel very comfortable and very welcome by Debbie on reception.” Sara (5-Star Google Review)


Prior to your consultation with your chiropractor, you will undergo a Digital Posture Analysis. Poor posture can be a contributory factor to back pain. To determine if your posture may be contributing to your backpain we carry out a Digital Posture Analysis.

Using the latest digital technology this analysis accurately evaluates your posture and calculates if any extra pressure is being placed on your spine due to your posture.


Your Consultation and Examination

Having completed the necessary paperwork, and gathered the information from your Digital Posture Analysis, you will be introduced to your chiropractor.

To diagnose your problem and determine the best treatment for you, your chiropractor will carry out a thorough consultation and examination.

You will be asked questions about your symptoms, medical history and lifestyle. To best help you, it’s important that you chiropractor understands as much as possible about your situation as this can help establish the cause of your pain.

Having completed your case history your chiropractor will start your examination. This will include a full chiropractic neurological and orthopaedic examination.

To diagnose your condition more accurately, the chiropractor may require further investigations to be undertaken such as x-rays. X-ray facilities are available at our sister clinic in Newcastle.

Your chiropractor will need to assess the results of your consultation and examination to determine the best treatment for you. You will be asked to book another appointment so that your chiropractor can go through their report of findings with you.


Report of Findings

During this visit, your chiropractor will explain in detail your condition and the tailored treatment plan for your unique situation. Chiropractic may not be suitable for you. In this case your chiropractor will refer you to an appropriate healthcare professional.

Your chiropractor will also explain if your lifestyle is contributing to your condition and will offer advice on changes that may enable to you help yourself moving forward


Fantastic service, fantastic treatment. Thanks to Dr Kammouh I now understand my pain better. After 20+ years of pain I finally feel understood and can see light at the end of the tunnel” Sammi B (5-Star Google Review)


I visited earlier with an acute lower back pain. The investigative work was thorough although not too ‘Clinical’, the questions were easy to follow and the assessment was comprehensive. I also received some initial therapy, which would have been painful at times but was done with great care, compassion and constant explanations. From the initial telephone enquiry right through to the therapy, I could not fault any element of the treatment, lovely clean environment, friendly greeting on arrival, wonderful assessment and therapy and faultless follow up.
Highly recommend this business” Shad W (5-Star Google Review)


Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment mainly involves safe, gentle, specific manual adjustments. The adjustments free joints in the spine or other areas of the body that are not moving properly along with exercises to stretch and strengthen muscles.

Your chiropractor will use various techniques which are appropriate for your condition to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and in the minimum of discomfort,


As soon as I met Burcu I felt that she was so easy to talk to and you know that she is really listening and paying attention to everything that you say. She explained everything that she was about to do regarding the treatment and made me feel really comfortable and at ease throughout the whole appointment….What a great clinic this is!” Sara (5-Star Google Review)


Having visited several clinics in Stoke.I have to say the best by far was City Chiropractic Clinic. A very warm welcome followed by a professional service by the doc. I went from sruggling to walk to being fully mobile in a few days. Price is fair too. I cannot thank you enough doc. I would highly recommend.” Rich H (5-Star Google Review)


After suffering on and off for years with back and neck trouble, I finally got round to doing something about it. I’ve been treated by Dr Burcu for the last 7 weeks or so, and my back has improved dramatically! I used to have pain nearly every day, now it’s maybe once a week, and nowhere as bad as before. From the initial consultation and a very thorough assessment, the steps were clearly explained and each subsequent adjustment left me feeling much better. I still have more treatment to go, but so far I can thoroughly recommend City Chiropractic Clinic and their thorough and friendly approach to all their clients.” John A (5-Star Google Review)


Your Next Step

Our chiropractic team at City Chiropractic Clinic in Stoke is here to help you with your back pain. Get in touch with us today and take that first step towards a pain free, healthy and active life. Contact us on 01782 848 184 or book an appointment online on our website here.