How Your Dog Can Help Your Back Pain

Getting a dog or a puppy can be good for the soul, but did you know that a cuddly companion can help to reduce your back pain too?  Taking your pooch for regular walks is great exercise for your body and can strengthen the supportive muscles in your lower back and pelvis.  And of course, the more effort that you put into the walk, the more energy your dog will burn which will help to reduce the amount of running around you have to do after him at home!

Small dogs and puppies get tired very quickly, so make sure you take regular breaks during the walks or play sessions and catch your own breath. For bigger dogs you can incorporate ten minutes of command training to ease your back in gently.

Always remember to bend at your knees when greeting your dog. It may seem like an obvious tip to give, but many of us bend at our backs and put strain on our muscles and joints in the process.

Enjoy your dog! Enjoy good health!

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