Fitness Classes to Boost Your Spine Health

Spring is here and fitness classes all over the country are starting to fill up with people trying to get their bodies ready for the summer! But what is the best type of class to join if you suffer from back pain?

According to our Stoke on Trent chiropractor, any exercise that increases the heart rate for a sustained period is likely to be beneficial in helping back problems. This kind of exercise, known as “aerobic” exercise, will increase the flow of blood and nutrients to structures within your spine. This can help to aid healing and help to reduce joint stiffness.

About 30-40 minutes of aerobic exercise will lead to an increased production of endorphins – the body’s natural pain killer. A regular release of these bio-chemicals can help to reduce chronic pain and your reliance your pain medication. These “feel good” endorphins can also help to elevate mood and relieve symptoms of depression – a common condition in those who suffer with chronic pain.

Remember to talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise routine or if you haven’t exercised for a while.

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