Flying Off This Summer – Watch Your Back

back care advice, back pain, flying, stoke on trent chiropractorsIt’s that time of year when our attention turns to our summer holidays. For many this means a trip to the airport to fly off to their destination of choice. A summer holiday for some is a  time to relax and unwind, for others it’s a time to get in some adventure and action. Whichever way you look at your holiday there’s one thing for certain – it’s not a time you want to be suffering back pain.

Unfortunately travelling and flying do have us do some things that we wouldn’t normally do and these can put our backs at risk.

To help you avoid unnecessary back pain when flying this summer our chiropractors at City Chiropractic Clinic in Stoke on Trent have put together some advice for you to follow:


  • There are so many luggage options available, be sure to pick a light case with wheels that enables you to push the case in front of yourself.
  • If your airline’s luggage rules allow it, choose to use two lighter evenly balanced cases instead of one heavy case.
  • Ask yourself, “Do I really need to take all these clothes, shoes, books etc.?” The less you pack the lighter the case!
  • Make your case stand out to make it easier to spot on the carousel and help you avoid having to lift lots of cases to check for yours.

A good night’s sleep:

  • Tiredness can lead to accidents so have a good night’s sleep before heading off to the airport.

At the airport:

  • Luggage trolleys can often have wonky wheels which makes them very difficult to maneuver. Struggling with a trolley causes twisting and pressure on the back – things to avoid if you want to keep your back safe.

On the flight:

  • Drink plenty of water or juices to avoid dehydration. Avoid alcohol as it is dehydrating.
  • Do some simple exercises on a regular basis to avoid stiffness setting in. Shoulder shrugs, foot circles and buttock clenches are all good exercises you can do in your seat.
  • If it’s convenient get up out of your seat and have a walk around.

At the other end:

  • Once off the plane, keep moving. Walking is a great way to do this so skip the travelator or walk along it.

Follow this advice from our Stoke on Trent chiropractors and keep your back safe when flying this summer.



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