Get Your Back Prepared for Christmas!

Christmas is next month, folks. How quickly has that come around?

If you’re like our chiropractors here in Stoke on Trent, you’ll be well and truly getting stuck into the festive planning by now. But in among the Christmas card lists and letters to Santa, have you made any plans to ensure you protect your back over the festive period?

There will be a flurry of tips and advice coming from us over the next few weeks, with many posts focusing on how to keep your back safe during those chaotic Christmas shopping trips and how to dodge back ache when you’re stood in endless queues. But as well as the obvious risks that come about during the Christmas season, there are a few back-pain hazards that you possibly haven’t thought about. Lifting a heavy-weight turkey in and out of the oven, for example, is a common cause of back pain over the festive season. Spending lots of time lounging on the sofa and excessive bubbly consumption are others.

We love a fun Christmas like the best of them, but all we ask is that you keep your back health in mind this Christmas.

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