Get On Your Bike!

There’s no better way to get those health wheels in motion this summer than by riding your bike! Between the 11th and 19th June, Bike Week will see hundreds of thousands of people in the UK switch to cycling as their main mode of transport.

This year, Bike Week will be heavily focused on motivating people to cycle to work instead of drive/take public transport and many workers are already busy thinking up fun challenges for the event. It’s an impressive effort by the organisers to encourage workers to rethink their commutes and journeys – and we think this could be the start of positive health-kicks for many involved.

Cycling is a great form of exercise and is becoming increasingly popular. With Stoke on Trent being one of the greenest cities in the UK with more than 1,380 hectares of parks and open spaces there is plenty of space and scenery to take in. There are currently more than 160kms of cylce routes on offer around Stoke on Trent. The City of Stoke on Trent provide a Map and Guide containing useful information about the cycle routes.

Whether you’re a keen cyclist or you haven’t ridden your bike since your 13th Birthday, you can’t deny that cruising on two wheels in the fresh summer air is better than sitting in a back-busting traffic jam!

You can find out more about Bike Week here:

Happy cycling.

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