Have You Stuck to Your New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year’s resolutions are funny promises; we make them with all the will in the world to stick to them, yet even the most motivated of us sometimes fall back into our old habits once January is over and done with. But have you stuck to yours? For those of you that have, a big “well done!” from our Stoke Chiropractic clinic. And if you haven’t or you feel like you’re about to cave in and slip? Don’t worry; our leading Stoke on Trent chiropractor has some top tips that will see you hitting all those New Year goals.

Top Tip # 1: Remember Your Reasons

Think about why you decided to make positive changes and keep using that reason as motivation. It’s not easy to change old habits but you are the only person who can make things happen! Remember that it won’t be long before these changes become habits of their own.

Top Tip #2: Forget About the New Year

New Year’s Day is seen as a chance to start again, but it is really only another day. If you’ve slipped back into bad habits then don’t wait for the next New Year to try again; try again today. Whether you start making positive changes to your life on New Year’s Day or just a random Tuesday, the end result will be exactly the same.

Top Tip #3: Use Your Support Network

The easiest person to let down is yourself, so make sure you tell family, friends and colleagues what you are doing so that they can encourage you to stay on track. You do not have to do it alone – the chances are they will also need your support to help them stick to their resolutions.

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