Heat Vs Ice: What’s the Best for Back Pain?

So there you are; sat on your sofa with a bag of frozen peas pressed firmly against your sore back. You’re confident that you’re taking the appropriate self-treatment measures to manage your pain. And then your attention is grabbed by the advert on the television that swears by some new “miracle” heat gel that is “proven” to combat back pain.

So now what do you do?

According to our Stoke on Trent chiropractor, the ice vs. heat debate can be a confusing one. But there are two general rules that typically apply. As a guide, here’s how to judge what’s best for your back pain:

Ice is usually best for injuries, such as calming down inflamed or swollen superficial tissues.

Heat is typically used for muscle pain, chronic pain, and stress. It can work well in taking the edge off muscle spasms and trigger points and it can help in soothing the nervous system and the mind.

Remember that this is general advice and only a physical examination will be able to determine exactly what treatment is best for you. But don’t be quick to look in your freezer every time your back starts niggling – those peas may just be better off on your dinner plate than on your spine!


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