Hitting the Sales? Watch Your Backs!

back care advice from our stoke on trent chiropractor We’ve just got over our Christmas shopping and now the January sales are enticing us back towards the tills. If you are one of the many people who simply can’t resist a New Year give-away, make sure you keep your back health in mind as you chase those discounts.

According to our chiropractor in Stoke on Trent, it is possible to sustain several types of back strains during a shopping extravaganza. So take note of the following top tips to make sure you don’t pick up an injury along with your bargains.

1: Carry lots of smaller bags instead of one big bag. This will help to distribute the load more evenly across your body.

2: Put the heaviest items at the bottom of your bags and the lightest ones at the top.

3: Reduce the risk of inflammation by keeping hydrated and drinking lots of water!

4: Make frequent trips to your car to drop off your bags so that you’re not carrying too much at any one time.

5: Plan your shopping trip for quieter times of the day to lower the risk of people accidentally bumping into you.

6: Plan ahead, stay organised and relax! Stress can contribute to back pain.

7: Remember to stretch regularly.

8: Choose comfortable, flat shoes that provide adequate support.

9: Take care not to twist or slip when reaching for items. If you can’t reach the item you want, ask a shop assistant for help. Don’t put yourself in danger of picking up a back injury; not even that perfect outfit with that whopping 75% discount is worth risking back pain for!

10: Ask for help if you need it! Shop assistants and members of staff are there to help you, so if you’re struggling to lift or carry an item, make sure you let somebody know.

11: Invite friends or family along on your shopping trip – the more hands you have to help, the less you have to carry.

12: Every 45 minutes, take a break away from the shops and recuperate.

13: Avoid caffeine-rich drinks such as coffee and tea. Drink water instead to keep you hydrated.

14: If you have children, try to arrange for them to stay with a family member or a babysitter when you hit the shops. Dealing with children in a busy environment can often lead to stress. Pushing a pram or carrying a toddler is also an extra load for your back to contend with!

Happy shopping, folks! Pick up a bargain, not a back injury!