Keep Your Back Safe This Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day on Sunday our chiropractor at City Chiropractic in Stoke wantsto remind all you mums out there to take of your backs. Mums often don’t realise how much pressure they put on their backs until it’s too late.

Being a mum involves  lot of lifting and carrying which if not undertaken mindfully can lead to back pain and injuries.

Here is some advice from our chiropractor for carrying your baby or toddler.

Carrying your baby: It’s a good idea to use a carrier/sling to help carry your baby. To ensure your baby’s weight is distributed as evenly as possible, select one that ‘criss-crosses’ at the back.

Carrying your toddler: If you are carrying your toddler for a longer distance then a backpack carrier is a good option as it distributes the weight of your toddler across your back. Ensure that you firmly tighten the shoulder and waist straps in place to maintain the backpack’s position on your back.

Take care of your back and we wish all you mums a very happy Mother’s Day.