New Parents…Watch Your Back! Advice from our Stoke chiropractor

stoke chiropractor offers back care advice to new mumsBeing a parent brings joy like nothing else. But it can also bring back pain if you don’t properly take care of your spine.  According to our Stoke on Trent chiropractor, many people first experience back and joint back after having a baby.  All you have to do is think about the huge changes a child brings to your lifestyle (all that extra bending and lifting, less time to exercise and much less quality sleep to say the least!) to see how your back may be affected.

Once you become a parent, you suddenly become less attentive to your own physical needs but making sure you look after your spine can not only make you better equipped to cope with the daily demands of parenting, but also help you to live a life free of back pain.

To stop your future from being bundled up with back pain, follow our top advice from our Stoke on Trent chiropractor:

Take Care Carrying Babies and Toddlers

Carrying babies (especially once they start getting heavier) is a major cause of back pain in parents. And it’s not just the carrying that does the damage – your spine has got all that twisting and bending to lift your baby in and out of car-seats and cots to deal with too.

Even a tiny baby can feel pretty heavy after a long day in your arms, and when you add on the weight of the changing bag, car seat and other supplies you may be lugging around, it’s easy to see how your back can get sore.

So what can you do?

According to or chiropractor, alternating the side you lift on, and using different carrying positions (such as in front of you or over your shoulder) can help to evenly distribute the load on your spine and reduce the risk of back pain.

As your baby gets older, encourage them to crawl or walk themselves. Help them to practice on stairs if you have any; the less you have to carry your child, the healthier your spine will be.

Mind Your Posture When Breast Feeding

If you’re breast-feeding your baby, it’s important that you maintain a good posture (even if it’s 4am and all you want to do is to slump on a soft, slouchy sofa!). When you’re breast-feeding, try to sit in a supportive chair with arms, keeping an upright posture with your shoulders back and chest open. Of course, you will want to look down at your beautiful new baby, but to reduce the risk of back and neck pain, you should try to mix this with periods where your head is in an upright position.  Using cushions to support your baby’s weight and your arms will also give your back and neck a welcome break.

Push Wisely (We Mean Your Pram)

The “head down, bending over” position that many new parents take to push a heavy pram (especially uphill) can be more than a little nasty on your lower back.

You can protect your back while pushing your pram by standing tall and keeping your hips as close to the pram as possible. Whether you’re pushing your pushing your pram up a hefty hill or you’re just taking a casual stroll, your back will reap the benefits of standing straight.

Having a child puts many demands on your life and body, but by following our simple advice, you can significantly reduce the risks of developing chronic back pain.

Our team of chiropractors at Stoke on Trent can help you to keep your spine in tip-top condition. The healthier your back, the more you can enjoy your children. For advice on any type of back pain, contact our friendly team today.





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