baking back care advice fro our stoke chiropractor The Great British Bake Off is back on our TV screens and this year is already looking set to be a good one. Paul is handing out handshakes every week – a sign that these bakers are a talented lot. Prue is appearing with ever more bizarre necklaces which we can only assume is a good sign too! Sandie and Noel are doing a great job in keeping us entertained and keeping up the spirits of the competitors in the tent. So all in all we’re off to a great start.

Since The Great British Bake off first hit our TV screens, baking has boomed across the UK. Baking can be lots of fun and of course it’s an activity that all the family can get in involved in too.

Whilst many of the common injuries people may think about when baking include cutting themselves with sharp implements or suffering a burn from a hot surface, our chiropractors at City Chiropractic Clinic in Stoke want bakers to be aware of the potential impact baking can have on the back.

Our chiropractors have put together some bake safe back care advice to make sure you keep your back safe when baking.

A common cause of back pain among bakers and chefs is the height of the counter tops they work at. Leaning over counter tops that are too high can lead to back pain. If you are working at a counter top that is too high then use a suitable height chopping board to bring the height of the work surface to the right height for you. You may also need to spread your feet wider to bring your height down to right level for you.

Take regular breaks to give your body a rest. Do some simple stretches to help reduce stiffness when you finish.

Baking can involve quite a bit of lifting and carrying from lifting heavy ingredients and equipment to carrying ingredients from the shops and around the kitchen. Lifting and carrying can often be the cause of back problems so using the right techniques can help prevent problems.

When lifting always remember to lift from the legs by bending the knees and not the back. Avoid lifting anything that is too heavy, it’s better to make several journeys carrying lighter weights. Avoid twisting your body when lifting.

Face the direction you want to go in when carrying objects.

Good luck with your bakes and be sure to following this advice from our chiropractors to help keep your back safe when baking.