Research Reveals Common Triggers For Back Pain

back pain treated by our stoke on trent chiropractorsMany patients that our chiropractors treat at our busy clinic in Stoke on Trent pin point certain triggers to the occurrence of their back pain. Often these triggers can be things that we all do on a daily basis such as sleeping!

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has released the results of recent consumer research that has been undertaken which looks at the trends that have happened over the past five years with regards to back and neck pain. One of the trends that the research looked at was common triggers for back and neck pain.

On the rise as a trigger is sitting for long periods. This trigger was reported by 45% of respondents, up from 35% . Work is also cited as a trigger with a fifth of respondents citing work as a key trigger.

Sleeping continues to be a common trigger. It’s interesting to note that 11% more women reported sleeping to be a trigger for their back and neck pain.

Entering the top five common triggers is sports and exercise which replaces housework and DIY. Our chiropractors are disappointed to see this, as keeping active and taking regular exercise are important for staying strong and reducing the risk of back pain. Unfortunately injuries are not uncommon when taking exercise, however, many of these injuries could be prevented. Sports and exercise injuries that our chiropractors treat are often as a result of a person undertaking too high a level of intensity of exercise before their body is ready, not warming up and cooling down sufficiently and poor technique.

In addition to looking at common triggers for back and neck pain the research also looked at the frequency people suffer from back and neck pain. According to the research, the number of people experiencing back or neck pain on a weekly basis has risen to 49%, up from 40%. 65% of respondents reported experiencing back or neck pain each month which is an increase of 16%.

If you are suffering back or neck pain on a regular basis then our chiropractors would recommend that you visit a chiropractor in your local area. Your chiropractor is trained to identify the cause of your problem and to treat your condition with chiropractic treatment along with advice on exercises, lifestyle choices and nutritional advice to help you.

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